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Shri Samarth hospital, the best maternity hospital offers excellent maternity care services right from the preconception planning to postpartum care. We implement the top class plus safest, pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery care. We allow a full range of affordable delivery packages. To make it easy and quick for national and international patients, we have given the facility of online appointment. We conduct health awareness camp to increase awareness about the new diseases and better preventive treatments.

Our Culture is patient-centric therefore we choose new medical technologies for better treatments including quick recovery. The patient is the highest priority every time at Shri Samarth hospital so We run community initiatives on a regular basis. Shri Samarth hospital is Multi-Facility Specialised Orthopedic Hospital in Pune. And Shri Samarth hospital-like Maternity & Delivery, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Physician, pediatrician Services, Pregnancy & Birthplace. Our Infection Control Team has positively analyzed and reviewed Shri Samarth hospital for safe segregation of the biomedical waste and its secure disposal.

Indian medicine has an outstanding reputation worldwide. Quality of care, cleanliness, medical technology and innovation are all unsurpassed anywhere in the world. High-quality multi-specialty services led by highly experienced and internationally renowned doctors. With a private drive to offer more trustworthy services to the patients, the doctor performs a conscious effort at each step of the way. Shri Samarth hospital has consistently engaged in studies and discussion related to this field in particular, and by doing so has kept abreast of the latest inventions and progress made in this field of medicine. With each crossing year, lifestyles improve and because of this, there is a need for more refined and accurate treatment. Mediclaim-services facilities are provided and which is recognized by the many Govt. Insurance Companies.

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