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Shri Samarth hospital has been providing best-in-class care for the patient with their dedicated team of doctors. Our team of experts, doctors and supportive staff believes in providing care that is personalized to each patient's unique needs.

By years of experience and friendly team of professionals at Shri Samarth hospital, our highly skilled medical professionals provide top healthcare services with care and compassion in mind. we offer world-class clinical expertise across a wide range of specialties, with multidisciplinary teams working together to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all of our patients.

It provides a range of services such as home visits, day hospitals, and outpatient clinics. The department often has close links with other community services for the elderly. To ensure the highest standards of patient care, all clinical staff are registered with the appropriate professional bodies. Resident Medical Officers (fully-qualified doctors) are available on-site, 24 hours a day, as are our team of Consultant Intensivists, who specialise in critical care (ITU/HDU).

Get expert health advice and answers to all your important health-related queries from doctors at Shri Samarth hospital; doctors: who are highly qualified and very well experienced in their respective domains. Respective department provides medical care to patients who have problems with their heart or circulation. It treats people on an inpatient and outpatient basis.
Outpatient: short visit to hospital that lasts no more than a day.
Inpatient: hospital visit that requires at least one night's stay on a ward.

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